Marketing in Cleveland that includes digital advertsing, media relations and SEO

A Business Approach to Marketing and Communications

Acclaim Communications is a Cleveland-based public relations and marketing communications firm focused on measurable results.

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What We Do.

General awareness is easy. Driving sales revenue is another matter. Great marketing blends real business acumen with lots of experience and creativity. This is where Acclaim is different. We drive business objectives through the relationship between sales and marketing with measurable online analytics and the psychology behind buying behaviors.

Acclaim develops and implements marketing strategies that often include content marketing, email marketing, social media, online advertising, media relations and client communications. We then track user engagement through web site analytics, search engine rankings, open rates, click-through rates and ultimately conversions.

No two approaches are alike, and conversions vary from organization to organization. They can include online sales, donations, lead generation, phone calls or even simple emails.

But without due diligence and a thorough understanding of a client’s needs, marketing communications is just exercises in general awareness. Our work often extends to strategic planning, sales training, organizational structures and business consulting. And in the spirit of true public relations, Acclaim helps organizations better engage with Cleveland’s community through introductions, networking and strategic partnerships that reach entirely new audiences.




An Ideal Firm for Small and Middle-Market Clients

Most top-performing marketing firms are designed to service their largest clients. But when smaller clients enter the mix, even mid-sized companies, they often take a back seat to their larger counterparts. Worse yet, they are frequently charged the same high prices for fewer results. Acclaim works closely with each client to ensure that services are right sized to a client’s marketing budget, their  needs and expected results. This includes web site development and maintenance, Email campaigns, SEO management, pay per click, social media and public relations.

When you choose a marketing firm, be sure that it is able and willing to produce the kind of results you expect, and that they will maximize your return on marketing investment.