About Us – Acclaim Communications

A business approach to marketing communications

Acclaim Communications is a Cleveland-based public relations and marketing communications firm focused on our clients' specific business objectives.

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What We Do.

General awareness is easy. Driving sales revenue is another matter. Great marketing blends real business acumen with lots of experience and creativity. This is where Acclaim is different. We drive business objectives through the relationship between sales and marketing, stages of the sales cycle and the psychology behind buying behaviors.

No two approaches are alike. But without due diligence and a thorough understanding of a client’s strengths, PR, marketing and communications are just exercises in general awareness. Our work often extends to strategic planning, sales training, organizational structures and business consulting. And in the spirit of true public relations, Acclaim helps organizations better engage with Cleveland’s community through introductions, networking and strategic partnerships that reach entirely new audiences.

Our Culture.

Because there’s a myriad of marketing and PR cultures out there, we thought we’d present a more forthright glimpse inside Acclaim:

We are a creative, fun group of people. We love our work and enjoy our clients. Some of them have become close friends. But we don’t ride scooters around the office and play ping pong when we should be working. We don’t host business meetings dressed like we belong at a skate park. We don’t take three months off work to hike the Himalayas or tour microbrews through Oregon. That’d be cool, but we have families, and our clients rely on us.

You won’t find Star Wars figurines storming the office castle or random objects inexplicably posted to our web site in a transparent guise to project some higher level of creativity. You might find an empty wine bottle or three, but not that cheap stuff from the grocery store.

We don’t “ideate.” We come up with ideas. We don’t charge a $1,000 for something that should cost a hundred. We don’t insist that our way is right. We listen and recommend. But we never profess to know a client’s business better than they do. We help and add value. Through it all, our clients don’t leave. They refer us to their friends and continue to grow their business.