Better Marketing in Cleveland with Advanced technologies

Measure Your Marketing Progress

Large or small, every organization should have the ability to measure their progress and understand the return on their marketing invetsment.

Melissa and Erin from Acclaim

New Technology For Better Marketing

Every marketing and public relations strategy must be based on real data. For every client, large and small, Acclaim Communications measures market behavior to gain a full understanding about the audiences who matter most. We start with search-engine ranking tools and web and social analytics to create more effective messaging and delivery methods that provide the most effective results possible.

This approach is applied to all aspects of an organization’s marketing approach, including web site design and copy writing, email and social media campaigns, public relations, traditional and online advertising, such as pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Acclaim monitors each client’s progress from month to month and adjusts tactics to pursue opportunities and address challenges.

The size of the organization doesn’t matter, and the tools are now available to each and every client. But the results are very real, and they are measureable. Every marketing strategy is tailored to suit specific business goals. Our clients work directly with senior professionals, not junior associates, to help them understand the process move their organization to the next level.

Whether it’s owned, earned or paid media, a succinct marketing and public relations strategy must speak to audiences in ways that convert sales. Wild and imaginative advertising ideas make for impressive proposals and fun meetings, but unless they make sound business sense, they don’t generate sales.

Message Development Sessions

Acclaim captures authentic brand stories through a structured process that includes a client’s senior leaders and other key stakeholders. This half-day session identifies an organization’s core messaging, their unique value proposition and new marketing opportunities.

After the session, Acclaim creates a detailed messaging platform that serves as a foundation for their entire marketing approach, branding and promotional communications — internal and external. The platform is often repurposed to support sales proposals, presentations and even personal correspondence.

Activating Your Brand

Establishing a strong brand message is critical, but the delivery methods say as much about your organization as the words. Acclaim communicates in ways that cut through the competitive clutter, draw defined audiences and compel them to act. Done well, prospects will begin to see your company as a thought leader with value that no other organization can provide. This is the fundamental core of sound marketing.