Insights from our experts:

The 4 Critical C’s of Content

We all know the 4 Cs of diamonds, but for a brand to outshine the competition amid a sea of cubic zirconia, the four Cs of Content are critically important in developing a strategic marketing campaign.

To begin, always be clear. Know exactly what you want to say. Start with an outline and put your thoughts on paper. Clarity also means being correct. Check your facts and be accurate. If your information is questionable, you’ll lose valuable credibility.

Information today is delivered in ever-diminishing sound bites that must be concise. Whether it’s a tweet, headline or post, get to the point. Readers have become conditioned to change focus the moment their interest wanes.

Draw the audience into your content with compelling information tailored to their needs. Give your message a call-to-action and motivate the reader to engage with your brand. Provide a benefit of doing business with you over your competitors.  Compel them to call, click or seek more information.

Never underestimate the importance of consistency. Create content that can be repurposed over and over again. A consistent message across multiple media reinforces your approach. As a bonus, consistency also supports search engine optimization.

When readers see similar messages through multiple channels, they begin to associate your brand with that message. The more frequently that message is delivered in multiple ways, the more engrained it becomes.

Give your content that extra sparkle so that readers see your brand as a diamond. For more information on developing strong marketable content, contact Acclaim Communications at Our experts average 25 years of marketing and communications experience helping companies deliver outstanding materials that delivers real results.