Insights from our experts:

Content’s Rule of 5

Today’s marketing challenges are not dissimilar then they were 100 years ago. Companies want to sell their products and services to their target audiences. And they want to do it better than their competition. So how do they do it? They do it by creating good content and delivering that content to their target audience. And hopefully it influences the audience to take action. Sounds simple, huh? Well, it is… The difference in today’s world is the multitude of options in delivering that message.

Content’s Rule of 5 means delivering the same content 5 different ways. Look at your hand. Imagine that you have a fist full of content. That content could be your newest press release, your latest tagline, your fresh new branding statement. It’s any one thing that you want to get to your target audience.  Now open that fist.  Do you see your content in the palm of your hand? Now take that hand and let the content run down each finger. Content’s Rule of 5 reminds you to take that content out at least 5 different ways. One path for each finger, right? Each finger represents a medium like posting it on your webpage, issuing a press release, creating an advertisement, taking it to your next tradeshow, or putting it on social media.  However you choose to best reach your audience is the avenue for each finger.

Now that you have visualized Content’s Rule of 5, you know that fist full of content needs to be delivered at least 5 different ways.  It’s what we call “Block & Tackle Marketing”, where the tactics drive the message over and over to your target audience influencing them to take action.  It’s the same challenge marketers have been facing for decades.

The key to the success of Content’s Rule of 5 is the development of great content! Great content is correct, clear, creative, and compelling (see the 4C’s of Great Content). Content tells your story and gets your target engaged. An engaged target is your best chance at influencing action. We at Acclaim, believe that “Content is King” and that developing that content for your organization is our specialty. Trust our seasoned professionals to work with your organization to develop the right content, create programs that deliver results, and respect your budget.   Contact us today to start a discussion about how Acclaim can help you go to market with great content and get results.