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Search Engine Optimization Done Right

When it Comes to SEO, Content and Connections are King. Dedicated SEO firms do neither one well.

Hiring an SEO firm for search engine optimization is like asking your IT Department to design a web site. The IT guys know technology, but they’re not graphic designers, writers and marketing strategists.

SEO specialists aren’t writers either, nor can they network your brand to the outside world. The best SEO skill set lies in public relations — the ability to write well and digitally connect your organization throughout your community — no matter what that community is. The technical side is important, but it’s only one part of the SEO picture.

For many organizations, marketing, public relations and search engine optimization (SEO) live in separate worlds. At Acclaim, they work very closely together, and the results are astonishing. This involves integrating every channel from which an organization communicates –from website content, pay-per-click (PPC), email blasts and social media to media relations, blogging and content marketing. It must all support search-engine optimization in strategic ways.

Done well, SEO identifies what matters most to your audience and how customers find you. It signifies what they want to know, what concerns them and what motivates them to buy. This is true not only in search-engine rankings, but in all ways that you communicate to the world. And when you compare multiple analytics on the back end, the results move to the next level.

Marketing firms that focus on digital marketing still focus on the technology behind SEO. But new search-term algorithms from Google, Bing and Yahoo! now focus on the content, how relevant the messaging is, and connections to other web sites. Combined, these elements speak to how closely aligned customers are to the organizations they seek, like yours.

This is bad news for old-school digital marketers still trying to game the system. But it’s great news for hard-working organizations with a real value proposition. It allows companies to better connect with their prospects, customers, donors and centers of influence. It allows your market to cut through the clutter and find organizations that best fit their needs.

The technology is important, but the click-tricks of old are dead. Google changed all that. Real results come from a solid network of targeted, well-written content, connections and social outreach that speak to your market.

Every day, Acclaim uses multiple online tools to measures hundreds of key search terms and analytics that are important to our clients. This enables us to continually adjust strategy and focus on the efforts with the best results.

When these elements come together, organizations are better connected to their customers. Prospects can find them more easily and existing customers are compelled to stay. Plus, your organization will begin to out perform the competition on Google, Bing and Yahoo!