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Search Engine Optimization Done Right

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content, connections and good strategy are king. That’s where Acclaim shines.

Our approach to SEO—getting your website to appear highly on search engine results pages—weaves the technical side with the creative components of brand storytelling with an overarching strategy of good marketing and public relations.

At Acclaim Communications, we’re not just SEO specialists. We’re a team of creative marketing professionals who layer comprehensive SEO services into our delivery of web and content development. This ensures you have well-written, accurate and high-quality content and a user-friendly site that is optimized for search engines in order to increase your visibility online.

To enhance our quality content development and site design, we conduct solid research and strategy to improve your rankings on search engine results and increase traffic to your site. This all leads to more brand credibility, awareness, leads and sales.

Within our SEO services, we combine website analytics with thoroughly researched keyword data and trends along with competitive analysis. Acclaim is proud to utilize MOZ’s industry-leading software for this in-depth research to provide you with the very best SEO insights. All together, our approach provides a holistic view of the opportunities and challenges specific to your industry.

We then devise a plan that involves multiple sweeps of content development and on-page optimization, along with a solid link-building strategy. We also focus on good website structure and user experience to ensure you have a high domain authority and an incredible online user experience.

We NEVER employ so-called “black hat” tactics that may provide short-term ranking increases but inevitably lead to penalties and a drastic fall in your rankings due to these unethical techniques. Our efforts are solid, strategic and honest.

And, with our in-house abilities to provide photography, videos and digital advertising, we can take advantage of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) opportunities for you to rank highly not only as a website listing, but in featured snippets, images, videos and ads. This sort of well-rounded, 360-degree approach is what sets us apart from firms who focus only on SEO. We weave SEO into a comprehensive strategy that promotes your brand through not just organic search results, but into every communications channel: social media, digital advertising campaigns, email campaigns and marketing automation, blogging, content marketing and media coverage.

That’s because done well, SEO works in tandem with a comprehensive marketing strategy to identify what matters most to your audience and how customers find you. It signifies what they want to know, what concerns them and what motivates them to buy. This is true not only in search-engine rankings, but in all ways that you communicate to the world.

Search engine algorithms now focus more than ever on the content, how relevant the messaging is, and connections to other web sites. This is why we work diligently with you to ensure you have a well-identified value proposition and meaningful, relevant messaging that we deploy across all communications channels. It allows our partners to better connect with their prospects, customers, donors and centers of influence both online and off.

With all these elements brought together, organizations are better connected to their customers across the board. Prospects can find them more easily and existing customers are compelled to stay. And, importantly, your organization will begin to outperform the competition on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Our SEO process is all handled in-house and includes:

  • Utilizing high-end tools (MOZ, Google Analytics and Google Trends) to capture baseline data for you and your competitors in terms of both web traffic and search engine rankings
  • Ensuring your entire website is accessible to search engine crawlers, is mobile-friendly, quick to load and easy to navigate
  • Reviewing website architecture and URL strategy and recommending changes to optimize for search engines
  • Researching keywords and trends and providing recommendations for on-page optimization
  • Assessing the value of target keywords to ensure you bring in the most appropriate and highest quality traffic for your site
  • Editing, rewriting and developing new content as appropriate
  • Coordinating photography and video in strategic areas to take advantage of unique search engine results page opportunities
  • Ongoing monitoring of all target keywords and pages for continuous improvement and strategy adjustment to focus on the efforts with the best results
  • Developing and enacting a strategic link-building campaign for your site

Acclaim Communications: offering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Cleveland that drive traffic around the world.


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