Acclaim ǀ Marketing in Cleveland that includes digital advertsing, media relations and SEO

A Strategic Approach to Marketing, Advertising and Communications

Acclaim Communications is a Cleveland-based marketing, advertising and public relations firm focused on businesses and nonprofit organizations in Cleveland and northeast Ohio.

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What We Do.

With each new client, Acclaim begins with a four-step process that maximizes sales and other organizational objectives in ways that produce real results. The four steps include:


1) Creating Audience Personas
Simply identifying target audiences isn’t enough. Marketers needs to get inside their heads and pinpoint triggers that lead people to buy. Acclaim walks clients through a process that details customer habits and why they buy.

2) Mapping the Customer Journey
Acclaim maps the process from when a stranger becomes a lead, a lead becomes a prospect, a prospect becomes a customer and a customer becomes an ambassador. Knowing each step of the sales cycle and what it takes to close allows you to optimize marketing focus.

3) Message Development
Every successful organization has a great story to tell. Acclaim walks clients through a facilitated process that gets to the heart of your story to create a unique value proposition that builds brands and differentiates you from the competition.

4) Creating and Implementing a Marketing Plan
Marketing is useless without a detailed plan that measures results. Once we identify customers and have mapped their buying journey, Acclaim takes a client’s value proposition to customize a 12- or 18-month marketing plan that supports sales and other strategic objectives.


Ongoing Campaigns

This four-step startup process often takes less than 30 days and sets the groundwork to begin a successful ongoing campaign. Marketing plans can include content marketing, website development, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media, marketing automation, online and digital advertising, traditional advertising, video production, media relations and client communications focused on Cleveland, Ohio, national and international audiences. We then track user engagement through analytics, search engine rankings, open rates, click-through rates and ultimately, sales conversions.

No two approaches are alike, and marketing goals vary from organization to organization. Our work often extends to strategic planning, sales training, community outreach, organizational structures and business consulting. And in the spirit of true public relations, Acclaim helps organizations better engage with Cleveland’s community through introductions, networking and strategic partnerships that reach entirely new audiences.