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We Are Acclaim

Every organization has a compelling story to tell. It’s what draws people to your brand and makes it different. It’s why customers care and employees thrive.

Acclaim captures authentic brand stories and communicates them to audiences who matter most. This happens through Cleveland-based marketing, public relations, search engine optimization (SEO), advertising, website development, pay-per click (PPC), content marketing and advanced digital strategies. So what makes Acclaim different? Unquestionably, our people.

The Cleveland-focused agency employs only senior-level marketing professionals — from award-winning writers and designers, to Fortune-500 veterans, professors and business leaders. Because we operate a lean-agency operating model, Acclaim provides industry-best results at a fraction of large-agency fees.

Acclaim is different, and so are you. Let us tell the world why.

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Getting Started with Acclaim

Acclaim begins each new account with a four-step process to optimize Long-term results. Steps include:

1. Creating Audience Personas

Identifying target demographics isn’t enough. Marketers need to understand audiences and pinpoint triggers that lead to sales. Acclaim walks clients through a process that details customer habits, objections and preferences.

2. Mapping the Customer Journey

We trace the process from which a stranger becomes a lead, then a prospect, a customer and eventually an ambassador of your brand. Knowing each step of the sales cycle enables optimal focus and the ability to close more sales.

3. Message Development

Every successful organizations has a great story to tell. Acclaim pinpoints those stories through a facilitated process that gets to the heart of your unique value proposition and differentiates your brand from the competition.

4. Creating a Marketing Plan

Acclaim uses all the due diligence information from the first three steps to create a comprehensive 18-month marketing plan that supports sales and strategic objectives that fits a client’s resources and budget.


This four-step startup process can be completed in fewer than 30 days. To learn more email or call 844-375-2220.