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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Firms and Agencies

Q: How do marketing firms charge for services? A: Some agencies charge a straight hourly rate. Others charge by the project. Project fees tend to be higher because the invoices don’t reveal how much time was actually used to complete the project. Hourly rates are more transparent and easier to control, even if they are part of a monthly retainer.Q: How much do marketing agencies charge per hour?A: Hourly rates [...]

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How Much Do Marketing Agencies Charge?

The cost of a marketing agency can vary widely, but it's imporant to understand hidden costs as well. A question we hear often is: How much does a marketing agency charge? There’s a wide range of ways that firms charge their clients. The most common method is a monthly retainer. Most small to mid-sized firms start at about $2,500 per month for about 17-20 hours of professional time. On the [...]

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