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Small businesses shouldn’t try to hide who they are

06.17.17 by Joe Mosbrook

“Fake it ‘til you make it.” That’s the working mantra for many small businesses overwhelmed by larger, more established competitors. It’s a mindset that spawns bombastic marketing claims of all things to all people. But to a skeptical consumer, it never quite adds up.

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Content’s Rule of 5

01.12.16 by Joe Mosbrook

Today’s marketing challenges are not dissimilar then they were 100 years ago. Companies want to sell their products and services to their target audiences. And they want to do it better than their competition. So how do they do it? They do it by creating good content and delivering that content to their target audience. And hopefully it influences the audience to take action. Sounds simple, huh? Well, it is… The difference in today’s world is the multitude of options in delivering that message.

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Don’t Abandon Core Marketing Principles

12.17.15 by Joe Mosbrook

I keep reading that traditional marketing is dead. And it drives me crazy to think that any company or organization could just abandon core marketing principles when creating marketing strategy. If anything, core marketing principles are needed more than ever in this ultra-competitive environment.

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The Ever Shrinking Sales Cycle

11.11.15 by Joe Mosbrook

New research reveals that the average sales cycle in nearly all sectors has decreased dramatically – in many cases in half. Just a decade ago, closing a sale required an average of 5.6 personal interactions. Today, a prospect’s decision to buy progresses in a blistering 1.7 meetings. What’s more, many prospects reach a decision before the salesperson arrives.  

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The 4 Critical C’s of Content

09.29.15 by Joe Mosbrook

We all know the 4 Cs of diamonds, but for a brand to outshine the competition amid a sea of cubic zirconia, the four Cs of Content are critically important in developing a strategic marketing campaign. To begin, always be clear. Know exactly what you want to say. Start with an outline and put your thoughts on paper. Clarity also means being correct. Check your facts and be accurate. If your information is questionable, you’ll lose valuable credibility.

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