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You run a business, and sometimes you need to get to the point about what you have to offer to a potential client. You need professional video production. There is absolutely nothing better than sending someone a link to a YouTube video that perfectly illustrates your services, or including a video on the front page of your website as new prospects click on your name in their Google search. The power that comes from having a well-produced showcase video can be invaluable for business owners, as it becomes such an immersive business card that draws in peoples’ attention. Let us show you exactly what our Cleveland based full-service marketing agency can do for your business.

Expert Level Videography

Acclaim  has some of the best cameras available for cinematic filming available, the Sony FX3. It is lightweight and portable, and the video it captures is nothing short of stunning. During our filming sessions we use two of these behemoths to record different angles to create depth to the subjects who are speaking. We also utilize a full lighting setup, a Ronin RS 2 gimbal, Rode Wireless Pro  lavalier microphones and Godox tube lights to highlight unconventional objects in the background, or to provide more contour to the subject by placing it behind them during recording.

A Sony FX3 camera with lenses next to it.

Video Editing Done Right

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry standard for most agencies, and we are well versed in Adobe’s products and services. Our editors also have a mastery over DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, and Adobe After Effects to suit all the needs that one program may have over the others. We believe a solid understanding of all the large players in the game needs to be utilized and our team’s backgrounds to create stylized logo animations, transitions, and lower thirds help the storytelling to any video. We also use Epidemic Sound  for all our music and sound effects; therefor the mood and timbre of any video you have will sound new, well-produced and fitting for any interview or showcase video you may have in mind for your business’ brand.

A video being edited in an Adobe Premiere Pro timeline.

The Voice for the Script

Acclaim has, pardon the pun, acclaimed writers, and voiceover artists ready to turn your video into an incredible representation of your mission. We collaborate with you on writing scripts that magnify the visuals, and we make sure the voice speaking is clear and enunciated. We have an audio specialist on board from Berklee College of Music  who works tirelessly to remove background noise and enhance the vocals of the speakers. Audio is the most important part of a video, even Netflix and YouTube will throttle the video long before it impacts the audio quality, because psychologically an unpleasant noise is far more uncomfortable than an unpleasant image. You can always close your eyes, you can’t just turn your ears off.

SEO Goodness

“But wait, how will these videos get in front of the right audience?” you may ask. Well, luckily for you Acclaim has a decade of experience optimizing websites, social media posts, blogs, and videos. One of the often-forgotten SEO tricks on videos is to caption them in the video hosting service directly. We all see videos where we can hit “See more…” and it will expand into a novel of keywords and search terms, but very often companies and creators forget to go into YouTube and adjust the closed captioning manually. This will register even more focus on the keywords you picked registering into Google’s search function. Google is the number one search engine in the world, and YouTube is number two. Alphabet is the parent company of both, and the two, Google and YouTube, are vigorously integrated with each other. This way the keywords for your SEO are also popping up on Google’s search engine, and your video will place higher up in the search results.

Google search engine open on a tablet.

Short Form Versus Long Form

One of our video editors is obsessed with short-form video content, and even though some more old-fashioned videographers and editors may roll their eyes at him, he is correct on assessing the future of mobile advertising. We do not always have a desktop on us, but we do have our phones. We have seen an exponential rise in short-form vertical content over the last three years, and long form video consumption also continues to grow. Acclaim always makes sure to look forward and to take the longest running successful avenues for your business. We have made video campaigns utilizing short-form advertisements derived from long-form videos. With the rise of the “TikTokification” of social media, every major platform features a vertical aspect video player. Meta’s Reels, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, and even LinkedIn’s stories supply an exceptionally large market for short-form vertical videos. May Google grant us the serenity to accept the videos we cannot change, the courage to change the videos we can, and the wisdom to always know the different aspect ratios.

A phone with many social media icons on the screen.

Paid Campaigns

We must spend money to make money. Sometimes we cannot get around it, and it helps to have an organized plan for whatever platform(s) you want your business to gain traction on. Our team rigorously evaluates the market with specific demographics and usually promotes a three-step plan. The first is to cast a wider net with a lower amount of funding, and to specify to Google Ads or Meta’s Business Suite to target a wider range of ages and interests. Then after a week or so of analyzing the data, we narrow the search with a similar amount of funding. After a week of analyzing which demographics interact with your posts, we dive right into a highly specialized subset with a much larger pool of funds to really go after the target market. Have you imagined marketing to 30–40-year-old women who enjoy golf and boating who have an interest in learning to sing? We have, and we bring that experience with us. You see most people do not want an advertisement popping up on their phone while watching videos, but absolutely no one likes a random advertisement that has nothing to do with them in any way.

Videos can be one of the most powerful tools you use in advertising. When done correctly it can bring an enormous amount of attention to your business and brand. Let us help you make a video from start to finish. Call us anytime for a quote or consultation.