How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Mobile Marketing on their Phone

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Man using his phone to call his clients.

Having a supercomputer in your pocket can be a blessing and a curse. I doubt anyone would say having all human knowledge at your fingertips always could possibly be good for your mental health, but it is convenient when you need to find a store in Google Maps. Taking pictures, video, writing content, and managing your business’ social media accounts has never been easier than it is today. We are going to show you just how many things you can do to market your business with just your phone.

We here at Acclaim remember the good old days of having an office room, where the only place you could access Wikipedia was on a dial up connection that evaporated the second someone call your home phone number. Creating websites and managing profiles online was an excursion to say the least. But gone are those days. Now, we have a small glass rectangle in our pocket that knows everything and has more computing power than the computer Nasa used to go to the moon.

You’re probably reading this on your phone right now, and you are more than likely aware of just what your phone can do. Let’s look at some of the more helpful features for marketing on your smartphone.

Social Media on the Go

For better or for worse social media is now a part of our everyday life, always looming over our shoulders, making our phone go haywire throughout the day with your grandmother’s comments on your profile pictures. Social media is a great way for your business to build a repertoire for perspective customers, and luckily most social media apps communicate with each other.

We’ve done an insight on social media platforms before, and you should check it out here!

Let’s get the big ones out of the way in case you’re new to social media:

You can click each of the names above and it will take you right to their home page. If you haven’t already created an account for your business on all of them, you should. In case you are familiar with using multiple social media sites we wanted to introduce two apps to make mobile marketing on your phone that are maybe less known to the public:

Social media apllications on t a phone screen.

As a marketing agency we would love to tell you to cater all your content for all of your platforms in different unique ways, but you probably do not have the time for that, or the money to hire an agency to do it for you. Linktree will connect all of your social accounts in one place, that way someone who likes your brand but doesn’t necessarily use Reddit can find you over on Instagram. Buffer is a multi-platform posting tool. This will allow you to create one post and have it automatically optimized, scheduled, and launched across all your social media sites all at once. It’s incredibly handy for a one man show.

Get comfortable with social media on your phone, it will be what you use most in the mobile marketing arena. You will be liking, commenting, sharing, and returning messages on your social media apps a lot, and it will be important for you to dedicate some time to sit on your phone and be… well, social.

Phone Photography and Videography

Phones have become incredible cameras over the years. Of course, you will never match a Sony FX3 with a great lens, but the quality of photos and videos you can take are nothing short of astounding coming out of a cellular telephone. Just make sure to look up a couple tutorials on composition and editing techniques in programs like Lightroom.

Here are a couple photo editing apps you can use on your phone:

Learning how to take a good photo starts with composition and understanding how light effects your subject. We won’t go into the details here, but we promise there are thousands of videos out there discussing photography and videography composition. Make sure you look up videography techniques and what cinematography entails if you are planning on taking the pictures and videos for your business.

Here are some video editing apps you can use when you create content for your website or social media:

Remember, there is no substitute for an actual production team coming in and filming for you, they’re going to have the equipment, the experience, and the software to create something much more impressive than most average people can accomplish on their phones. This guide is for small businesses, brands, and content creators to use their phone as a video marketing machine. If you’re on your own, just make sure to google search video editing techniques, and watch some tutorials on navigating those phone video editing programs. Video production and creation are essential in today’s world for marketing your business, and it can all be done on your phone.

A person using their phone for marketing.

Mobile-Friendly Content Creation

You have so many apps on your phone to write your ideas down with. From word processing apps to note apps, you have a way to write on the go. The only complaint we have when writing on the go is the touch screen on your phone can be a little cramped and is not as quick as an actual keyboard. We have a solution for that:

This is one of the coolest gadgets we have ever picked up, it basically turns your phone into a micro-computer. The mouse works on Android and iOS, so there is nothing left out. TO be fair, the iPhone mouse icon on the screen is super weird, but it’s not bad for writing blogs or video editing.

The most challenging thing about writing content or coming up with ideas is finding the time to sit down and draft your ideas. With more options available, like a keyboard for your phone, you won’t have to carry around an entire laptop or tablet, you’ll have all the moving parts right in your pockets.

Here are a few apps for note taking:

Honestly if you’re not using some kind of recording medium you might want to consider just hiring a marketing agency at that point. It only gets harder after you write down your ideas.

Next up is designing visual graphics on your phone for sales, events, for a livestream, or something else exciting. Depending on what you need for your business or what you would like to have for advertising or making designs for merchandise. Here is a list of graphical apps that can help you accomplish those tasks:

a phone with apps open in someone's hand.

Advertising and SEO

Monitoring and optimizing the performance of ads is another amazing ability your phone has, and it’s never been easier with how powerful phones have become in the past few years. After using the tips above to create content and graphics for your business, you’ll probably want to boost some advertisements on Meta and Google. Well, they have apps for those now, and it can really keep you in the know.

You can always run ads on almost any platform you can imagine, but these platforms provide separate apps to monitor the ads you run. They let you tweak demographics and update ad copy on the go, and let you adjust the A/B testing of different thumbnails.

The last part of this section will talk about Google My Business for your phone. It is one of the best apps you can have for your phone, especially if you are a brick-and-mortar establishment. Using Google My Business properly will upgrade your SEO on Google an incredible amount. Being able to update pictures, share videos or customer testimonials on the go will show Google you mean business, pun intended.

This also allows you to respond to customer reviews as they show up on Google and will keep you in the loop about what customers like, and where you could improve your business. Now, you should always be responding to every comment on your social media pages as well, but oftentimes a Google review will have more weight than a comment on Instagram.

Google is an essential tool in marketing on your phone, as having the ability to respond to customers, reviews, complaints, or even updating your community on events can be done immediately and effectively right from your phone. Even if you are not going to post immediately to Google, you can open your note taking app, create a document called “ideas for Google” and sit down once a week and parse through those ideas. Mobile marketing has many perks that can all be used on the go in the palm of your hand.

Someone taking a photo with their phone for their marketing campaign.

Let’s Recap All We’ve Learned

  • Your phone is a marketing machine
  • Social media is the bread and butter of mobile marketing
  • There are tons of apps for your phone to assist you in content management and content creation
  • Taking photos and videos on your phone have never been easier, or higher quality
  • Make sure to keep a log of notes in your phone as you create content and manage your social media accounts

It may seem overwhelming, and we already spend so much time on our phone for entertainment and work, but if you need to market your brand or business and can’t manage paying for a marketing agency just yet this is a basic game plan for you. This is not a replacement for an agency taking on your marketing efforts, but it’s a start for individuals who own a business.

If you have any questions on utilizing your phone as a marketing machine, just reach out to us anytime here at Acclaim.