Blue Pearl Yachts

Renowned yacht designer Robert Perry has completed his career magnum opus – The Blue Pearl – a 114-foot luxury clipper ketch that blends old-world design elements with leading-edge cruising technology. Perry has teamed up with designer Ivan Erdevicki to produce a superyacht design like no other.

Acclaim not only developed the company’s entire marketing program, but it also serves as the sales lead for this quickly growing superyacht company.

Blue Pearl Yachts logo that Acclaim designed.

Custom Photography

Acclaim shoots, styles and edits a wide range of custom photos. This includes computer animated and still graphics, such as the CGI yacht image at the top of this page. Most people don’t realize the original image shown above is not a photograph.

A picture close to the deck overlooking the length of the yacht.
A small section of a wood panel on a yacht with an intricate design.
The inside of a center console yacht.
3D animation Acclaim designed for a new model of a yacht.
Website designed by Acclaim for Blue Pearl Yachts in Cleveland.

Website Design

Building a beautiful website is just the beginning. Drawing the attention of people able to pay millions of dollars for a superyacht is another. Acclaim is leveraging highly advanced digital technologies to ensure the site is seen by a very exclusive audience.

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