Moreland Courts

This high-end condo association on Cleveland’s east side has been home to the city’s elite for the past century. Recently, the board of directors decided the property needed new branding and a marketing facelift.

Acclaim updated the branding to stay in line with the former logo, shot all new custom photography and developed a website that continues to draw significant attention to the site.

Logo design for Moreland Courts located in Cleveland

We knew photography would play a critical role in showcasing this exquisite property. Acclaim spent two days lighting, shooting and art directing individual units that highlighted the unique spaces. The results made the website standout, and the client loved it.

A photograph of a condo in Cleveland.
The inside of a Cleveland condo with a piano and fireplace.
A photograph of a newly rennovated kitchen in a condo.
Photograph of a newly rennovated book loft in a condo in Cleveland.
Moreland Courts Web Design

The new Moreland Courts website takes property marketing to the next level, with high-end drone videography, a sneak peak inside some of the area’s most exclusive properties and a direct tie into realtor websites to help sell available units.

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