Peak Nano

Peak Nano Systems is changing the world with some of the most advance nanotechnology in the world. Acclaim took the brand and made it readily accessible to key customers, through video production, website design and a fully designed customer engagement center.

Peak Nano logo that Acclaim created.

Custom Photography

Acclaim painstakingly photographed a wide variety of nanotechnology products, including ultra-clear lenses that are virtually invisible. By overshadowing pure blue light at the top of the temperature range, Acclaim brought these tiny elusive lenses to life and showed the world the future of high-end optics.

Engineers working in their Cleveland based factory.
A diamond turning machine in Peak's Cleveland factory.
Spools of nanoplex material in Peak's Cleveland factory.
An engineer monitors a diamond turning machine in Peak's Cleveland based factory.

Customer Engagement Center (CEC)

Acclaim designed, coordinated and executed an immersive customer engagement center that was designed to not just present ground-breaking products, but tell stories with compelling context.

Peak Nano's Customer Engagement Center
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