Walter | Haverfield

Acclaim developed an extensive marketing and advertising strategy for Walter Haverfield that propelled the the 90-year-old law firm to its largest growth period ever.

Acclaim executed a plan that included 12 independent practice groups, while promoting and maintaining top-of-mind awareness for the master brand.

The process included an extensive rebranding, repositioning and reorganizing marketing initiatives and priorities throughout the organization, including sales and strategy support.

Walter | Haverfield Logo Design

Most law firm websites are pretty dry, unless they highlight the people. One of Walter Haverfield’s greatest assets are its people, who are caring, friendly and extraordinarily talented.

Acclaim focused on the attributes of the firm and took personalization to a new level with an ultra clean, modern website that speaks with a contemporary voice.

Walter | Haverfield Web Design

After Acclaim created a new logo, style guide and design elements for Walter Haverfield, the Cleveland marketing firm built a substantial array of print and digital materials that echoed the same clean, modern aesthetic of the new website.

Walter | Haverfield Logo and Print Collateral

Ads and Social Media

Less is more when it comes to advertising professional service firms. Uncluttered, pure and simple. Long-winded paragraphs that don’t really say anything have become a thing of the past.

Social media ads for Walter Haverfield marketed in Cleveland.
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