Zack Bruell

As one of the most prolific chefs in Cleveland culinary history, Zack Bruell has become renowned throughout the nation for create exquisite dining experiences.

Acclaim has worked with the Bruell Restaurant Group for nearly a decade, shaping the brand into one of the best in the world, through public relations, video production, social media and private influencer events.

Glamour photography of a dish with fish and risotto.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, restaurants were particular vulnerable. Customers were still skeptical of high-end take out, and sales crawled to a halt. In less than a day, Acclaim helped the Bruell group develop several social media videos that showcased new efforts to bring great food to a community of people forced to shelter in place.

Acclaim developed and shipped multiple printed advertisements as well as digital ads served on multiple social media sites with much success.

Digital and print ad designed for Zack Bruell.
Digital and print ad designed for Zack Bruell.
Digital and print ad designed for Zack Bruell.

Photography holds the unique ability to tell stories that words can never replace. When customers chose vendors, more often than not, they seek groups of people they like, want to spend time with and respect. We loved showing off Zack’s creations, and even got to try some of the food he conjured up.

Zack Bruell posing for glamour photographs with olive oil in his kitchen.
Glamour photography of Zack Bruell.
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