Google Ads for Dentists

If you are a dental office or a digital marketer and want to learn how to run Google Ads for dentists, then this article is for you. Google Ads offer a powerful marketing tool for dentists looking to generate a steady flow of new high-value patients looking for dental implants, braces, porcelain veneers, and oral surgery procedures. With the fierce competition in the dentistry field, having a cost-effective way to [...]

January 15, 2022|blog|

Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Firms and Agencies

Q: How do marketing firms charge for services? A: Some agencies charge a straight hourly rate. Others charge by the project. Project fees tend to be higher because the invoices don’t reveal how much time was actually used to complete the project. Hourly rates are more transparent and easier to control, even if they are part of a monthly retainer.Q: How much do marketing agencies charge per hour?A: Hourly rates [...]